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My mind on a screen..

i am 15, i live in Crappy Crawley, im almost positive im a girl? my favorite things to do are movie under a blanket and block the world out with my music

im always up for a chat just inbox me whenever and i promise i will reply :*

follow me and ill..probably follow you back;*

All the things that run around my mind.

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When you’re doing dishes and you put a spoon under the running tap


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if watermelon exists why doesn’t earthmelon, firemelon and airmelon??

The elemelons

emma stone and andrew garfield, tasm2 berlin premiere


Andy Jordan + Friends

These are literally so perfect, I can’t even… they’re all spot on

I saw your interview on Ellen DeGeneres and you said you wear nothing under the suit. When you have a romantic scene, something hot… Even being Spider-Man, do you feel inside your suit that you are the Iron Man as well?

That was well put.


I want what they have!

Best couple ever.

Emma Stone being happy on set with Andrew Garfield


She is his superhero. 


She is his superhero. 

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